Career Profile: Lawyer

Career Profile: Lawyer

by Kathleen Gerry
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Lawyers are often the most important people for maintaining justice and making sure that the rules of society are followed. These rules that determine how business is conducted between individuals and organizations are the walls and the structure that ensure people are safe, happy, and able to lead fulfilling lives. Lawyers are the people that defend justice and they help to advance society in a logical and well reasoned fashion.

Becoming a lawyer involves a lot of hard work, and being a lawyer involves a lot more hard work. To become a lawyer, one must complete high school with good enough grades to get into an undergraduate degree in university. When choosing an undergraduate degree, one may want to select something that is of interest such as science, arts or engineering, or one may wish to select something very particular to law like history, politics, environmental studies, ethics or law. The most important thing is to get grades that will allow you to enter law school – once you pass the LSAT exam. You will want to be in the high 70’s and up in order to get into a school. For the more competitive schools, you will want to score in the high 80’s and up. It is also important to be aware of what the requirements are for the particular school you are aiming for.

The LSAT is an exam composed of tests evaluating reading comprehension and logical and verbal reasoning proficiencies. The average score on an LSAT is 150, with a low of 120 and a high of 180. It costs around $160 US dollars to undertake. Different schools accept different scores, and, once again, knowing what score is expected from the school you want to get into is the best way to determine how prepared you need to be. Once you gain acceptance into law school, you have four years of rigorous studying of laws and many tests to pass to ensure your successful completion of your program. It is also important to always be prepared for class, as you will often be called upon to answer questions.

As a lawyer, there are many benefits and perks in addition to the hard work that you will have to do. The benefits include having a highly respected social status – being a lawyer puts you in a position of responsibility where others will look at you as an authority on the law. As a lawyer you will be working independently as well as on a team. You will be working on a team made up of judges who ultimately determine what is right and what is wrong, as well as officers of the law, more commonly known as police officers – the people who act on the ground to ensure that the law is put in effect. Finally, you will also enjoy being well paid, making $90,000 to start and then moving into the upwards range of $200,000 (source: ivyglobal.ca).

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