How to Prepare for the Dorm

How to Prepare for the Dorm

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1. Write a list of the stuff you know you need. A good start can be found below

* Bedding (sheets, comforter, pillows, mattress pad. A lot of colleges use Twin Extra Long mattresses which are a few inches longer than a regular twin. Do not skip the mattress pad; dorm room mattresses by themselves are not comfortable)

* Toiletries (shower tote, towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower sandals, bathrobe)

* Storage (under-bed plastic tubs, laundry hamper, drawers. Organizing your closet with a shoe rack or sweater organizer is always a good idea.)

* Personal touches (posters, lamps, Christmas lights, knick-knacks)

* Clothes (typically bring enough to last you three weeks without having to do laundry; you’re not going to want to do laundry every weekend. A wide variety is good as well so you’re covered no matter what the weather is doing. Remember to bring nice clothes you’d wear to a job interview because you never know if you’ll need to look snazzy.
* Necessary miscellaneous (fan, alarm clock, refrigerator (optional), bedside lamp, clip-on shelf for your bed frame, laptop, laundry detergent, umbrella)
2. Take this list to a trusted college graduate who can help you decide what you can do without.
3. Start thinking about what necessities you need. Those necessities are; a couple pairs of shoes, clothes that are of a wide range (bring summer and winter stuff), shower and bathroom stuff, entertainment stuff.


* Wait until you have moved into your dorm before you begin buying a lot of things. You may find after you get there that that really cool organizer bin will not fit in the room, or the doors are not set up for organizers to be hung from them.

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