Apprenticeships: Finding An Employer

Apprenticeships: Finding An Employer

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Finding an employer is the first and often most difficult step in an apprenticeship. If the employer you’re interested in approaching doesn’t employ apprentices, check out our list of resources for employers and know your facts when you go meet with them. They might be willing to consider hiring an apprentice, once they are aware of the business case that supports apprenticeship training.

Just like any job seeker, talking with people who are already employed in the trade for a good source of information about becoming a skilled tradesperson. Some apprentices find employers through family and friends. Another good place to meet potential contacts is through organizations such as trade unions, professional association or training institutions. Don’t forget to consider local employment offices, programs and agencies, especially those that specialize in trades-related training and employment. You may also want to consider approaching an employer or training instructor to ask for an informational interview. This is a great way to learn about job opportunities and connect with potential employers.

Upgrade your job
Some skilled tradespeople start working for an employer in a different capacity, then apply for a trades position when one becomes available. For example, one man began working as a general delivery person for a construction company. After a year or two, he decided to approach his employer about hiring him as a plumbing apprentice. Today, several years later, he is a fully qualified journeyperson plumber working for the same construction company and earning more than twice the pay.

Search job boards/internet
Job leads can also be found on major job boards, such as Monster.ca, Workopolis and working.canada.com. Search using terms such as “trades,” “construction” and “manufacturing” or go to sections designed for jobs in these fields. While you’re there, check out their resources for résumé and interview tips.

Once you’ve found an employer, you still have to:
– Register at your local apprenticeship office
– Apply for grants and supports

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