Don’t Like Your Boss? Be Nice Anyway

Don’t Like Your Boss? Be Nice Anyway

by Erik McKay
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The working life can be hard. Poor pay, bad hours, unappealing work and unhelpful co-workers can sometimes seem to follow you from job to job. On top of all that, the presence of a ‘bad-boss’, and whatever that may entail, can make it all the worse. Whether making you work those extra hours on a Friday night or just putting extra pressure on you, the knee-jerk reaction may just be to fire back on all cylinders; to yell, scream or be passive-aggressive to the individual who sometimes seems so comfortable doing the same to you.

The appropriate response is, however, simpler: be nice.

It is always important to stand up for yourself but you have to bear in mind that you are this individual’s employee and it is your job to cater to both their needs and the needs of the job, within reason.

Hopefully instances such as this, where you are forced to deal with an unpleasant work environment, are few and far between, but they do (unfortunately) exist. Many bosses are easy to work with – are even constructive and friendly – but it is important to remember that your boss is your boss, whether amicable or not. They are an authority figure within the confines of your workplace and it is important to do your best to maintain positive relations with them to the best of your ability. Why? A friendly attitude may bring about some better hours in the future but more importantly: the reference.

The importance of a letter of reference or positive referral from a previous boss cannot be understated when looking for a new job. A glowing letter of recommendation from a past employer may be what it takes to elevate your resume over those of your peers. So be nice to your boss. Do your best to keep a positive attitude during those extra hours at work – what’s there to lose? The worst case scenario is that you’re friendly for no reason. The best case scenario is that you cultivate a good working relationship with your employer, obtain a good referral (or perhaps invitations to come work with them again) and improve the overall working environment of wherever you may find yourself employed.

So be nice. It can be difficult sometimes, but if you can manage to rise above your negative feelings for your boss or workplace you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time.

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