The Salary Question

The Salary Question

by Kathleen Gerry
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When pondering career options in a world where career insecurity and market fluctuations dominate, it is important to look at salaries for the professions that you are interested in pursuing to ensure you are building yourself a career that will allow you to enjoy a good quality of life. Just like selecting a university major, selecting a career path can leave you feeling satisfied or it can leave you feeling disappointed, based on your success in your major and your career of choice. Salary comes into play when you are planning your career because it will determine what kind of life you lead. If you neglect to look at salary with romantic ideals that money is meaningless and just pieces of paper, you may be left in the dust, struggling to pay for your overlooked comforts and even necessities.

Looking at salaries can be more complicated than it sounds. With a lot of websites out there claiming to give the most accurate information, it is important to remember that not every site on the internet offers sounds advice. When looking at salary information, be sure to select a website that slims down your search results to at least time period and place. When you know how recent the information is, you are able to examine the claims much more critically. Similarly, when you know where the results are showing from, you can determine whether the results are applicable to you or not. For example, looking at results for teachers salaries from the year 2000 in California is not going to be of much value to you. Try to select a website that will allow you to narrow your results to time and place, and if possible, select a website with actual job postings as opposed to estimated salary ranges for the particular jobs. When you can look at what actual job placements are offered in your selected career you will be able to get an idea of what will be available five years from now when you are navigating the job market and looking for a suitable job.

Determining what kind of salary range will be appropriate for you can be discovered by taking a look at your existing budget and where your priorities lie. Also, having a look at the housing market in areas where you are considering living in the future is a good idea. This information is readily available on your favorite news websites. Often comparing what kind of lifestyle a certain salary can afford you compared to another salary can help you to choose the right career for you. Good luck!

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