The Value of a College Graduate

The Value of a College Graduate

by Samantha Randolph
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Let’s face it; the professional world is incredibly fast paced. Because of this, employers are looking for new ways to keep up. One resource they are turning to is the infinite pool of recent college graduates. Mass amounts of qualified graduates hunt for entry level jobs that they can begin immediately following graduation. Employers are finding that young college grads can bring specific skills to the table that some experienced veterans can’t.

Young people fresh out of college are hungry for success. They have spent years absorbing the knowledge and skills they need for their specific career path, and they can’t wait to put what they learned to use. The eagerness and enthusiasm of a young graduate could possibly outshine the experience of someone who has been in the professional world for a few years. In interview situations, sometimes personality and attitude determine whether or not a company will hire a candidate. Experience is good to have under your belt, but most college grads are trying to land their first big job, and therefore lack the professional experience the position may be requiring. In the competitive professional world, it is important to show employers all of your best attributes, which includes your personality, and make a good first impression.

Another positive skill that new graduates have is their ability to grasp and apply new information. While in school, students are constantly learning, processing, and logging new information. Because graduates have just left that environment, they will carry on those skills to their new place of employment. This means that as new employees, graduates will be able to learn quickly and shorten a company’s valuable time spent training a new employee. Also, because of a new graduate’s professional blank slate, they can be molded to the company’s specific policies and standards. They don’t come with any bad habits or negative baggage from another company that needs to be changed.

Of course big companies may not want to admit it, but many new and innovative ideas come from recent college graduates. This concept makes sense because graduates have been taught the most updated information, and they are used to using critical thinking skills. Their motivation to succeed eliminates their fear of speaking up, and they are eager to contribute their ideas. Seasoned veterans of a company may be so used to current procedures that they are unable to think outside of the box and contribute new ideas. This is where the fresh new ideas of recent college graduates come into play.

Employers that utilize the talents of new graduates are setting their companies up for success. Companies who are willing to hire and fine-tune graduates are companies worth working for. The enthusiasm of a young employee can’t be beat, and has been proven to contribute to company success and growth. The potential and value of a person with a college degree, even those who are fresh out of college, should never be underestimated.

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