I Want to Be a Baker!

I Want to Be a Baker!

by Katrina Ross
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Bake Your Cake and Eat it, too!

Most of you have seen movies like Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, and I’m sure some of you have dreamed of having your own chocolate wonderland. Well guess what, if you put forth passion, dedication, and outstanding creativity- you can! The culinary industry leads to extraordinary career paths and dreams. You can take a simple concept of a cake, and create a whole new culinary business that will have people travelling for miles, just for your creations.

No one wants a job that they don’t enjoy. Working is soon going to be one of the most important aspects of your life. Why not do something you’re going to love, and get paid for it! Let the joy of creativity flow with the feel of accomplishment and pride when you serve customers your delightful creations. The look of amazement on people’s faces when they check out your products is something that will keep you motivated, positive, and ready for more.

The culinary arts have such a rewarding career path- you can do anything you dream of. Become a food scientist, a food taster, or a famous TV Chef. Design your own bakery or restaurant that becomes internationally famous. Or let’s live the dream here, and create a candy workshop or chocolate wonderland where you get paid to design, make, experiment with and eat candy! Let your ultimate dreams guide you to be wherever you want, and become whatever you want. With a step into the career path of culinary arts, there are no limitations- just your imagination.

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