No More Bullying

No More Bullying

by Kathleen Gerry
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In elementary school, everyone is undergoing changes developing themselves in different ways. Because of the pressures of growing up, some people learn to adapt and cope in successful ways, such as by finding an outlet for their emotions in activities like competitive sports, clubs, or even just seeking friendship and support from others. Unfortunately, some people have negative coping mechanisms that lead them to find more destructive outlets for their emotions. Sometimes a negative coping mechanism will reveal itself as bullying. This bullying can take many forms, from verbal abuse to stealing from people and even to physical abuse. Bullying is a problem that needs to be addressed with the bully and with the victim because both are affected.

When people are bullied they can feel sad and left out, as well as feel that they have something wrong with them that results in the bullying. If you are being bullied, the most important thing to remember is that it is not your fault that you are being picked on. It may not be safe to confront the bully themselves, but by informing your principal, teachers, parents and friends, you can create a support network to protect yourself from the person or people that are harassing you. Also remember that the law is on your side when it comes to bullying and any evidence that you can get for proving that the person or people are harassing you will be invaluable. Try to have a friend present with you at all times so that you have a witness and a protector.

The person or people who do the bullying have emotional wounds themselves that need to be addressed by a counselor or other qualified professional. Most of the time bullies have problems at home or problems with other aspects of their life story that is causing them to act out in negative ways. These people may be viewed as “bad people” but the reality is that they probably have a serious insecurity or deep emotional wounding that is preventing them from growing up in a healthy way. By talking to someone about their feelings, they can start to heal.

By reporting a bully, you are doing everyone a favor because that person is probably bullying more people than just you. This negative situation may be painful for you, but don’t worry –  bullying is becoming more and more of an important issue in schools, so when you do speak out it will be received by a well-prepared audience.

Remember that you are not alone and your voice will be heard.

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