Study What You Love

Study What You Love

by Samantha Randolph
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At any level of education, it is important for students to take courses that are interesting and enjoyable. This is especially true in the first year or two of college. Many students enter college with no idea what they want to do after they receive their diploma, and that’s okay! The purpose of going to college is of course to achieve a degree, but also to explore your identity and discover what your passions are. General education courses in college are designed to allow students to dip their feet into different subjects in order to test the waters. Taking these basic courses could turn interests into passions, or help students to discover passions they never even knew they had.

As an example, if you excelled in English and writing in high school, but are unsure on how to apply those skills in college, a basic creative writing course could be beneficial. You may find you have a knack for fiction writing or poetry. Sometimes required general education courses are seen as a nuisance, but you just might find that random course on your schedule to be your new favorite subject. If you have never studied psychology before, and find yourself fascinated by the way the mind works, that random class could lead to a rewarding career path.

Colleges that require a variety of general education courses, or introductory courses, produce graduates with a broad spectrum of knowledge. These days, employers are looking for well-rounded employees who can adapt to different situations and challenges. Graduates are more likely to succeed in the real world if they have been introduced to several different subjects in college. Adding diversity to your schedule will allow you to meet different people and learn new things. It may also lead to interest in on-campus organizations, and allow you to be more involved at your school, which always looks good on a resume. Not only will taking enjoyable classes lead to career discovery and success, but you will be happier too. You will look forward to going to class, and you will be more eager to learn new material.

If nothing else, taking interesting and enjoyable courses is important to finding the correct career path for you. For a student, the best possible outcome of graduating with a degree is to find themselves with not only a job but a career they love. College is a lot of work, so the reward of a good career is well deserved. There is nothing worse than rolling out of bed in the morning and groaning at the thought of going to work. If you study what you love and pursue your passions, you will end up with a fulfilling career and a happy life.

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