What to Do if Your Teacher is a Bully

What to Do if Your Teacher is a Bully

by Gale Blaylock
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Wouldn’t it be great if all teachers were devoted to educating their students and dedicated to encouraging them? Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you are under the supervision of teacher whose behavior has crossed the line into bullying, there are things you can do to stop it. Discussing your concerns with the teacher in question and the head of his/her department, filing a formal complaint with your school and in the most extreme case, asking to be transferred to another class are just a few of your options.

Many students think that they will never be believed if they bring a complaint against a teacher, but don’t let these unfounded fears stop you. Bullying by a teacher is unacceptable behavior, and no student should be subjected to it.

What Is Teacher Bullying?
It’s easy to get on a teacher’s bad side, or for a teacher to get on your own, but this does not mean that the teacher is a bully. Bullying behavior by a teacher includes behaviors such as:

• Degrading comments about a student.
• Unwanted or hostile physical contact with a student.
• Unwanted or suggestive physical contact with a student.
• Inappropriate or lewd remarks made to a student.
• Suggesting to a student that his/her grade depends on something other than his/her studies.

What Is the First Step to Stopping Teacher Bullying?
If you feel that your teacher is a bully, the first step is to tell someone. This could be your parents, your principal or another teacher that you trust. If you are afraid to speak out, calling Kids Help Phone will get you in touch with people who can help you through this process. Remember – you are not alone and there is help available!

Teacher bullying is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. If you feel that you are being treated poorly, but are uncertain if you are being bullied by your teacher, confide in a trusted adult.


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