Why Should I Volunteer?

Why Should I Volunteer?

by Erica Cooper
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People volunteer their time for lots of different reasons. You can pick your own reasons, but here’s our top ten:

  1. You have to!

    You have to complete 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate high school in Ontario

  2. Forty hours! Sound like a long time? Over four years, you probably spend way more time than that watching TV, standing in front of the mirror or riding the bus.So, the fact you have to do 40 hours of volunteer work to graduate high school in Ontario really shouldn’t be such a big deal.Your school calls this requirement ‘community involvement’. The Ministry of Education has some rules about it, like:
    • You can’t be paid for your volunteer work.
    • You can’t skip class! You can volunteer during the summer, after school, weekends or even on your lunch or during your spare.
    • Chores you already do around the house don’t count. Unfortunately, cleaning your room isn’t volunteer work!

    Your school board has a list of pre-approved volunteer activities. Ask a teacher or guidance counsellor for the list and for the full set of rules. If what you want to do isn’t on the list, make sure you talk to your teacher first to see if your school principal will agree to it.

  3. Pump up your resume.

    When you’re looking for a job, volunteer experience helps. It shows you’re responsible and gives you references who can prove you do good work.

  4. It feels good to help people.

    Try helping somebody and see how you feel – you just might become addicted!

  5. Make the world a better place.

    Making the world better, safer, happier, healthier or cleaner starts with small projects so get in there and get your hands dirty.

  6. Learn something about yourself.

    You might be a great leader or more outgoing than you ever thought – only one way to find out – try new things!

  7. Figure out what kind of career you want.

    Thinking about becoming a doctor? Volunteer at a hospital!

  8. Activism is hot!

    If you’re passionate about causes like the environment or human rights, there are lots of charities and groups you can join.

  9. Meet new people.

    Your best friends might be the coolest, but volunteering is a chance to meet a whole new circle of people.

  10. It’s fun.

    If you volunteer doing something you love and are interested in, the work you do won’t feel like work at all.

  11. Prove adults wrong.

    If you think adults don’t give teens any respect, here’s your chance to prove you care about your community and are ready to lend a hand.

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