Apprenticeships Develop Enthusiasm...

Apprenticeships Develop Enthusiasm Among Young People

by Mark Ait
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The literal meaning of the term Apprenticeships is the work which is done under some master craftsman while completing theory studies at an accredited trade college. To explain it better, we can say that there are many courses which are offered by colleges that are different from degree programs. These courses are termed as trade courses as they are related to trades such as plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, carpenters, cooks and more.

While completing these courses, you start working in a professional environment and gain work experience in a job referred to as trade job. In the concept of trade jobs the employer would hire you for a particular job and in return they teach you the practical aspects of the trade. This can be viewed like a barter system in which both the parties gain benefit. Training for trade jobs is conducted on site and for a particular time period (it can start from few months and last up to few years). Students gain a lot while doing these jobs. When we work under a qualified person who has extensive experience in that trade, it becomes easy for us to gain more knowledge than we could have acquired if we read only from textbooks.

These apprenticeships provide the basic training for future tradespeople. These courses are offered by many colleges that have well qualified staff – the staff members have a lot of knowledge about the trade they are teaching. They provide all the information which is required for each type of trade. Once the course is over, students would be provided with a certificate to indicate that their apprenticeship and training has been completed and they are now qualified to work in their designated field.

Apprenticeships help you in building a secure future.

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