Health Tips: Handling Stress

Health Tips: Handling Stress

by Kathleen Gerry
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Everyone gets stressed out once and a while. Situations that are out of our control, people who cause us grief, and pressures that we feel we cannot handle happen to all of once at some point. Whatever the cause of your stress, even if it is just a generalized sort of anxiety, talking to someone about it will help to relieve the pressure you are feeling. When we remember that everyone undergoes stress at some point in their lives, we remember that we are not alone. Sharing our stories can only help to strengthen and improve ourselves and our lives.

By sharing your story you are helping yourself out by re-framing your life and seeing yourself more objectively. By identifying the causes of your stress, you can see the problems you are facing and can then take action to provide solutions to those problems.

Talking to someone can involve chatting in person, over the phone or even in writing. Whatever method of communication you choose, make sure that you are empathetic with yourself and the situations you are facing. Try to picture yourself as someone you don’t know, and think about the story you are living. What are the pressures that you are going through, what are your challenges, what are your goals? Identifying these aspects will move you from being the victim of your life’s circumstances to being in the driver’s seat, being in control and being ready to find solutions to your problems.

Use your friends, your family, counselors and other resources to help you to see yourself from a different perspective. When you can see that you are just another human being living a human existence, you will discover that you are in control of your destiny. If  you are fighting with your siblings often, for example, you may want to talk with a counselor to see what coping strategies you could use to improve that relationship.

Whatever your situation may be, gaining control, setting goals and developing coping strategies is your way forward. By talking with someone about what it is that you are going through, you are allowing yourself to see your problems clearly. This is the key for developing successful coping strategies and setting goals for dealing with the situations that you are facing. Remember that you are in control – unless you don’t let yourself speak out. You don’t deserve to suffer, so free yourself from the burden of your problems and let it out today.

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