How Does a Teacher Become a Teacher?

How Does a Teacher Become a Teacher?

by Jamie Hadland
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Have you ever been sitting in class wondering exactly how your teacher became your teacher?

Well, most public school teachers obtain a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) from a university. Some specialize in one subject matter, such as Art, Health, Science, Drama, Math, Music, Social Studies, Physical Education and Guidance and Counseling. Some train in a specific grade level, like early-childhood education, elementary school (including kindergarten) and middle or high school. Most teachers experience a wide range of subject matter (usually referred to as “teachable” subjects.)

Teachers also need to obtain a teaching certificate from the province they are teaching in to certify they are qualified to do so.

The University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, for example, offers an education program that requires students to already have a Bachelor’s degree in order to get accepted. The education program lasts 11 months and consists of taking classes and completing a work study program – meaning that, in order to complete the program, all students need to work in a classroom as a student teacher.

The minimum passing letter grade at UNB is a C. All teachers who graduate from UNB need to have a C or higher average, and a GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 2.7.

Aside from education and on the job training, it is also necessary for teachers to possess certain qualities in order to be successful. Teachers should be sensitive to the needs of students. They have to be trustworthy and patient (as all students learn at their own pace). They need to be organized and good at time management. They need to be on-time every day, creative, motivational and good communicators.

So, the next time you are sitting in class wondering how your teacher is qualified to teach you, remember they have studied and worked for many years to get the skills and training needed to do so.

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