Put Your English to Work – Write...

Put Your English to Work – Write for Money

by Erik McKay
Jobs People Do | JobsPeopleDo.com

As a student it can be difficult to find work. Whether you are in high school, university, taking a year off or somewhere else altogether, finding a job can sometimes be difficult, let alone one that allows you to practice (and show off) the skills that you have been developing as a student.

What about writing part-time? With the recent explosion of digital media, countless writing jobs have begun to appear as professional blogs, magazines, news agencies and webpages are craving more and more content to satisfy their growing traffic and audiences.

Blogging, whether for personal or professional purposes, can be a good way to get your foot in the door. You can write about a specific topic, whether it be music, fashion or
movies and start building a following and portfolio to help get those paying jobs in the future. Do you have audio-visual skills? Even better! Make a photo-blog; you can look at it as a chance to showcase your skills and prowess as a writer or photographer.

With a bit of searching and maybe a little luck you’ll be able to find work with professional blogs that will pay for you to write on a variety of topics, often of your choice. Or maybe you want to give freelancing a try? There are a number of websites dedicated to aggregating freelance opportunities for young professionals. Ever want to write product descriptions for a furniture website? Now might be your chance.

Regardless, writing part-time provides you with the opportunity to build your portfolio, network with other writing professionals and showcase your different skills, all the while making some spare cash on the side. It will also give you the opportunity to work with and write on topics that you never would have thought possible. Comparing different kinds of peppers? Check.

It isn’t always the most prosperous work, but the experience and flexibility will prove to be invaluable. With a little patience you’ll slowly start to find yourself getting those higher profile and better paying positions that look oh-so-good on a resume or portfolio. It is hard enough finding work that puts your skills to work and accommodates a busy schedule, but give writing a try. The ability to choose – or at least shape – your own topics and your own hours will ensure a fun, constructive and unique work experience.

So try writing part-time. You’ll enjoy it!

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