Studying Actually Works!

Studying Actually Works!

by Sharifa Campbell-Hogg
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It seems like a no-brainer, but when I was in high school I never took the time to actually study effectively. As I got older, I knew I had to take things a lot more seriously and I was going to have to study.

As you prepare to enter junior high or high school, you might be wondering about tests and exams. How exactly are you supposed to plan for them, especially if you’ve heard horror stories from your older siblings about exam time?

To be truly honest, studying really is not difficult – and it works! The first time I got back a test in high school with a 100%  grade after I took the time to study effectively, I knew that I had been overreacting about the stress of studying. All that it really takes is time management, good notes and planning.  The following are some tips for effective studying – from an ex-procrastinator:

  1. Take Notes: Though this may seem like an obvious point, a lot of students do not take effective notes. Make sure to pay attention and link back certain class discussions or topics to pages in your text for further reference. That way you can get a full picture of the subject at hand. I also write my notes as if I am trying to explain that day’s class to someone else.
  2. Read Over Your Notes: I never understood the concept of this in high school, put it really does help sink in all the information you learned. It’s good to either go over the previous day’s notes before class starts, or to go over notes right after the class ends.
  3. Ask Questions and Make Note of the Answers: Don’t be afraid to approach the teacher during or after class to get more insight on your lesson of the day.

Don’t worry – you’ll be a pro in no time!

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