I Want to Be a Music Teacher

I Want to Be a Music Teacher

by Susan Huebert
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Listening to music can be fun, but learning to play an instrument can be even better. Have you been taking music lessons? Some people can learn to play an instrument on their own, just by practicing their skills. Most people, however, need to learn from an expert. Music teachers help students learn the theory and techniques of playing music.

Becoming a music teacher begins with knowing music. If you choose to become a piano teacher, you should know how to play the piano, and if you decide to become a clarinet teacher, you should be able to play your instrument. However, playing well is not enough. You also need to know about music theory, music history, and possibly even about composing (writing) music. How much you need to know depends on the age of your students and the level of music they want to learn. Students who want to reach a professional level of musical ability will need a teacher with a high level of skill in the instrument.

Besides professional skills, music teachers need to know how to work with students, some of whom might not be interested in what they are learning. Some music teachers work in schools, where they teach regular classes to groups of students, but others teach students one or two at a time, either in their own homes or in the students’ houses. Flexibility in choosing a location depends on the size of the instrument and the needs of the teacher and students. A flute, for example, is much easier to carry than a piano.

Another important skill is the ability to make arrangements for events like music recitals. In school, students do assignments and take tests to show what they have learned. How can anyone test a student’s musical ability? One way is through recitals, when students play music in front of an audience. As a music teacher, you might have to help students choose and practice the pieces they want to play. You might also need to make other arrangements for events like these, such as renting a room and finding chairs where people can sit. Even if you get help for tasks like these, you will have to learn the organizational skills to make sure that everything gets done.

If you love music and enjoy sharing your skills with others, the job of music teacher might be a good choice for you.

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