You Are Your Best Cheerleader

You Are Your Best Cheerleader

by Kathleen Gerry
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Being your own cheerleader is probably the most important thing you can do as you face new and repeated challenges. If you are entering secondary school for the first time, you are undoubtedly going to be faced with challenges and meet many new people. Due to diversity of opinions, and the fact that all people are different and see things differently, there is always risk of being hurt by others, or of questioning your own intentions or your own self-worth. If you are on your side, and you are your own cheerleader, you put yourself ahead of the game in terms of ensuring that you will not lose self-esteem because of other people’s misunderstandings. When you are well aware that what you are doing is the best that you can do, and you are happy within yourself about this, you are being your own cheerleader. When you know that you are taking actions and trying to do what is right for you, and you acknowledge this by demonstrating positive qualities like good self-esteem and confidence, you are being your own cheerleader.

Although other people can tell you that you are doing a great job, no one can ever really replace you in terms of being the keystone to your confidence. If you rely on other people telling you that you are doing a good job, you may be fooling yourself as to your genuine happiness. Being your own cheerleader really means knowing yourself,  doing what is best for you and rewarding yourself for your positive thoughts, actions and behaviors. When you are on your own side, you are less reliant on other people to tell you of your worth.

Everyone needs a social network and to feel loved and appreciated by their peers; this is necessary for good self-esteem. However, loving yourself is the most important thing. If you are always dependent on other people to tell you of your worth, you are not being your own cheerleader. By being dependent on yourself to know your worth and to know your own strengths and weaknesses, you are freeing yourself from the imprisoning perspective of others who do not know you as well as you know yourself.

When you can pick yourself back up after you fall, you are demonstrating that you love and respect yourself and want what is best for you. When you are being your own cheerleader, you are being your best friend – and this is your key to success.

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