Hairdressing – Beauty as a Trade

Hairdressing – Beauty as a Trade

by Kimberly Moreau
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Hammer, screwdriver, wrench, scissors, shampoo, styling product – on the outside, a career in hairdressing shares little with a career in engineering or construction, yet they’re more similar than one would think.

Often, when thinking about careers in the trades, the first thought is to the construction, industrial, or automotive industry. In fact, many service-based careers such as chef, child and youth worker, special events coordinator, and hairdresser are also considered skilled trades. Through on-the-job training and in-class sessions, you can become a certified hairstylist.

Similar to a construction worker, a hairdresser prepares their work area with an array of tools including scissors, razors, combs, curling iron, and other specialized apparatus to accomplish different styles and techniques. With training, this equipment can be used to meet clientele needs, whether it be a quick trim or a full make over.

A position in hairdressing is much more than just styling and beautifying clients. A hairdresser can also be responsible for the training or supervision of other stylists and assistants. Hairdressers are often business-minded individuals; often completing administrative tasks such as record keeping, supply ordering, and salon upkeep.

A career as a hairstylist fits into the service sector in the Ontario College of Trades, requiring those interested in becoming a hairdresser to earn a Certificate of Qualification through apprenticeship training and examination.

With individuals always seeking to invest time into looking good and feeling good, there is always a demand for hairstylists. Hairstylists can find work in this high-demand career working for beauty salons, hotels, and hospitals, or working in an at-home salon.

While contemplating future career options, it’s important to investigate all opportunities available. Many may skip over the skilled trades assuming there aren’t any opportunities suited to their needs; when in fact there are plenty of opportunities within the skilled trades for creative, business-minded, driven individuals seeking a rewarding, high-paying career in a secure industry.

From construction to automotive to the beauty-inspiring, service-based industry that includes hairdressing, there’s a career in the skilled trades for you.

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