Reasons to Use Kids Help Phone

Reasons to Use Kids Help Phone

by Kathleen Gerry
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Kids Help Phone is a free, anonymous resource that is there for you 24/7. Its purpose is to give young people someone to talk to when they feel they have no one who will listen to them. It is important to know that there are people who care and want to help you with any problems you may have. Kids Help Phone has many uses – here are just a few.

1) You need an objective opinion or want to ask questions anonymously.
If you need to talk with someone who will listen to what you’re going through, and you don’t trust or want to speak to friends or family, then the Kids Help Phone is a great resource for you. Sometimes you don’t want the people closest to you to know what it is that you are feeling or thinking about. It may be because of a fear of losing their respect or simply of changing the image that they have of you. Whatever your reason, speaking with someone who is trained and knowledgeable on how to handle the information you will share with them is often a good option. When you call the Kids Help Phone you can rest assured that the information will remain confidential, unless it involves information that must be reported to the police (such as reporting a threat to your own or someone else’s life).

2) You are undergoing a traumatic period in your life and would like support.
Sometimes we suffer because of life’s circumstances, and in this case it is really important to talk with people about what you are going through. You may not want to talk with friends or family because you feel they may not understand, but with Kids Help Phone you can talk to a person who has been trained in dealing with emotional crises. They will be able to talk to you about relationships, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders or anything else that you feel is affecting you.

3) You want to speak with someone who will listen to you.
Often in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there is so much going on that we can feel ignored or that we don’t matter. It can be very hard to find someone who will just listen to what it is that you are going through. The time rarely comes up where you feel it is okay to pour out your soul, and because of this you can be left with some important issues bubbling just under the surface. It is important to “vent” and to talk about your life and what sorts of challenges you are facing.

4) You need to report an incident.
If you don’t feel comfortable speaking directly to the police or don’t know what to do after an incident, the people at Kids Help Phone will listen and help you to deal with the situation. This can range from bullying, an incident of physical or sexual abuse or a crime like theft.

5) You are in a crisis and need to talk to someone as soon as possible.
If you are feeling that you are in a crisis and are having thoughts of suicide, a counsellor at the Kids Help Phone will be a great person for you to speak with. They can help to “talk out” your problem and ensure that you get the assistance you require. Remember that you are never alone! Suicide is not the answer. Reach out to someone at Kids Help Phone and they will be there for you when you feel no one else is.

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