Thirst is a Drop in the Cup

Thirst is a Drop in the Cup

by Teodora Pasca
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Forget smoothies and sodas: the best drink comes right from the tap! The human body is composed of up to 60% water, so it makes sense that we’d need to continue drinking it to keep ourselves healthy. Unfortunately, if you’re always on-the-go, you may not be getting the hydration you need. Water is part of the fuel that keeps our bodies running efficiently—and more often than not, we forget to fill up.

The result of not drinking water is extremely detrimental to our well-being. Constant dehydration can really take a toll on your health, in some cases leading to headaches, dizziness and fatigue. The good news is that you can put yourself on the road to healthy living simply by adding a few of glasses of water to your daily routine. Here are some of the many benefits of drinking water.

1. It boosts your energy. Your body works best when it’s fully hydrated, and you can start to feel a little sluggish if you haven’t gotten your daily water intake. Your brain is mostly water, too, so nourishing it with a quick drink will really help your focus.

2. It helps you eat healthy. You may be confusing constant snack cravings with your body’s cry of thirst: drinking water reduces overeating and hunger by filling your body up with the nourishment it needs. Water also contributes to the proper functioning of your digestive system, which helps process the vitamins and nutrients in your healthy diet.

3. It can ward off sickness. Your immune system greatly benefits from water: drinking your fill could leave you less susceptible to colds and flu. Water helps your body quickly flush out toxins, which reduces the risk of more serious ailments.

4. It comes with beauty perks. Water is great for your skin—aside from keeping it hydrated, by drinking water you’re flushing out toxins that can leave your complexion dull or irritated. Plus, since it hydrates your body’s cells, it can do wonders for your hair and nails.

What can you do to make sure you get enough water? Carry a water bottle on you and remind yourself to drink (even when you don’t feel thirsty). There are smartphone apps that can track your progress throughout the day. And don’t forget to account for extraneous variables: if it’s hot out or you’ve been exercising, chances are you’re going to need to drink more water to keep yourself in check.

With its multitude of health benefits, water can make or break a healthy regimen, and hydration might just be the thing your body is missing. Try to make drinking water part of your daily routine, and you’ll notice a difference. Cheers to that!

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