Conquering Your Fears About Success

Conquering Your Fears About Success

by Kathleen Gerry
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Life is scary. There is no way around it. Life challenges you to bring what you have to the table. Life challenges you to use all of your resources and to make the best of it! You can face it or avoid it, but life is something you can fight or bow away from. Life offers opportunity and you can take it and run with it or you can turn away from it and let it squash you.

Time is an essential component of life and it is what determines whether you are ready or not for the challenges that face you. Sometimes you are too young for the challenges you face and that is why you fail. Other times you are old enough for the challenges that face you and you succeed.

There are various components to any challenge, and your level of expertise in each of the dimensions will help to determine your success or your failure at the task at hand. There is a social dimension, where mastery comes from being adept at fitting in or leading your social environment. There is an emotional component where your mastery would be in the form of being able to manage and use your emotions in constructive ways to help you to adapt and succeed in your environment. There is also a technical aspect to be mastered, that is the skills required to accomplish the task at hand. Whether they are scientific, logic, mathematical, artistic or creative, the skills required to accomplish a task are essential to have in order to achieve success at the goal you are pursuing.

Life is a series of goals that you are looking to achieve. If you are to be successful, you must either be a master of one dimension or a jack of all trades. Some people are really good at one particular thing, while other people are good at a variety of things that, through balancing each of the dimensions, they see success. A person with a PhD, for example, may be exceptional at science, logic, English or something else, but they may be less adept at other areas of their life. They may, however, be exceptional at one area and equally or at least competent enough in other areas of their life. Some people are only modestly good at a variety of areas of their life.

What you can bring to the table is essentially all you have and a lot of what you have is genetic and based on what you’ve learned in your upbringing. How you use what you have determines your success. If you are particularly adept at certain things, you can decide how you want to express yourself within those dimensions. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself and pursue something challenging that you aren’t particularly adept at but would like to practice. Perhaps you would  like to capitalize on something that you are extremely good at and know very well, so you can experience self-actualization and feel in sync with the universe and your life’s purpose.

Conquering fears involves facing what you have to offer and making a decision as to how you want to apply it to the world. When we fight, we are facing our fears or our enemies, and we are putting them in their place. On your path toward your destiny, you are going to need to be able to be aware that some people are wrong, that some people will not be your supporters, that some people will be against you, will ridicule you, will limit you to only what they know. You can remember that you are only as good as the person you are speaking with. I could be speaking with someone who has had a totally different life experience and so they would not reflect to me what I believe. Everyone has different life experiences and different pressures on them, and we are all just trying to survive and succeed.

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