Dream Job: Clown

Dream Job: Clown

by Susan Huebert
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Every circus needs a clown. Festivals and birthday parties are fun when they include clowns as part of the entertainment. People expect to see clowns in places like these, entertaining both children and adults. However, one of the world’s most famous clowns was known not for working in a circus or a festival, but for being on television.  Charlie Chaplin combined his role as a clown with his acting skills to play an important part in the history of entertainment.

Most people probably know about the kinds of things that typical clowns do. How much do you know about clowns? You might have seen ones with painted faces and big red noses. They juggle balls or make balloon animals. Much of what they do is slapstick comedy, with a lot of physical jokes like falling over chairs, getting pies in the face and other funny actions.

Sometimes clowns develop a character that people especially enjoy. Charlie Chaplin directed and acted in several movies, but he is best known for his famous clown character, the Tramp. Even years after he last played the role, he is still known for the way he portrayed people’s struggles through the Tramp. Charlie Chaplin began his career very early in his life. He was born in 1889 to parents who were both entertainers. He first started acting at the age of twelve when he got a part in a Sherlock Holmes play. He worked for some time in a circus and then began his career in comedy. Most of his long career in film was in the United States.

Like many clowns, Charlie Chaplin developed his own style and special character. Many clowns are mimes who rarely or never speak during their acts. Charlie began his career during the era of silent films, before the technology could combine sounds and pictures. He was able to show all kinds of emotions and to tell stories without ever speaking, just by his actions and the expressions on his face. He wore a costume of a badly-fitting suit and a hat and carried a cane. He would do some of the usual clown tricks such as pulling flowers out of nowhere, but he also told stories through his films. His work was so good that he became famous around the world.

You might never become as famous as Charlie Chaplin, but you can still be successful as a clown. If you know how to make people laugh, being a clown can be a fun and satisfying job for you!

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