Entering High School: Why You Should...

Entering High School: Why You Should Join Extracurriculars

by Amanda Desouza
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If you’re worried about trying to find the place you belong in the confusing high-school landscape, joining extracurricular groups is a great thing to do. These groups can range from sports teams, cultural clubs, interest clubs, and beyond.

Joining these groups allows you to meet new people who share the same interests that you do. They also provide you with the opportunity to make new friends and become closer with the teachers who lead the groups. Developing relationships with teachers is important because they make awesome academic references for job applications as well as university applications down the road. Together, with your peers and teachers, you can explore these interests and satisfy your curiosities.

Participating in extracurricular groups also looks fantastic on your resume and university/college applications. Employers and post-secondary institutions like to see that you are participating in groups outside of the classroom. Joining these extracurricular groups makes students seem well-rounded. It shows that you have interests that go beyond academics and make you stand-out. In a job interview, leveraging similar interests as the person interviewing you or showing passion for an interest outside of academics makes you a more memorable candidate.

Through participating in extracurricular groups you can gain valuable skills. These include teamwork skills which you develop through working co-operatively with other members of the group. You may also develop leadership skills by leading a group project or inspiring and motivating others in the group. Both of these skills are very valuable in the work environment and the post-secondary school environment.

Joining one of these groups will give you a sense of belonging. They can also be an outlet for stress from your academic life. You may even try out a new activity and discover that you really enjoy it. If you don’t end up enjoying it, no harm done – you now know more about yourself. There are definitely many more positive outcomes than negative outcomes from getting involved in extracurricular groups. They can make your overall high-school experience more enjoyable!

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