I Want to Be Like Lady Gaga!

I Want to Be Like Lady Gaga!

by Susan Huebert
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Imagine what it would be like to be a famous musical star, walking up onto stages around the world to sing to your cheering fans. You could be like Lady Gaga, recording music and giving live concerts for a living. You might become famous all over the world for the songs that you compose and sing. If you love music and have the talent to develop your own musical style, a career as a singer and songwriter might be right for you.

Many careers in entertainment require talent. This is especially true of singing. The person later called Lady Gaga discovered her talent early in life. She was born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York City in 1986. She was already learning to play the piano by the time she was four years old. Over the next years, she practiced a lot and learned more about her craft. By the time Stefani was eleven years old, she was good enough to be accepted as a student at a famous music school called Julliard. However, she decided to study at a private Catholic school instead. Three years later, she was ready for her first performance.

When Stefani was twenty years old, she went to study at the Tisch Scool of the Arts at New York University. She ended her studies before she graduated to develop her own style. In 2005, she began working with Def Jam Records. Two years later, she began recording songs with Interscope Records, where many other famous singers record their music. In 2008, she received awards for her album, The Fame. One of the songs from this album, “Poker Face,” made the singer even better known. By this time, she called herself Lady Gaga.

Being a singer like Lady Gaga involves much more than just singing songs. After writing their songs, singers perform at concerts in parks, concert halls, and other places. Often, they go on tours of different cities to give concerts for their fans there and to promote their recordings. They record songs and make music videos. They visit music stores and attend award shows and parties. The talk to fans and sign autographs. While they are doing all of these things, they still need to keep on composing songs and practicing their skills.

If this kind of job appeals to you, the first step is to decide what kind of music you like to sing. Some singers perform many different types of music, but most of them find a style that suits them and then stay with it. What kind of music do you like? Every type of music has a different way of using the notes that make up songs. Some use pianos and others use drums and guitars. Learning the rules of music theory is an important step in becoming a singer and songwriter.

If you enjoy composing music and performing your songs in front of other people, a career as a singer and songwriter might be right for you.


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  2. martin van de ven says:

    I’d like to object to the use of the word talent. lady gaga obviously has a passion for music. but her “talent” has come from her training and hard work. just because she did this when young doesn’t mean others who start later can’t also aquire this. Talent implies a ” gift” implying lady gagas hard work doesn’t really count, her succes comes from her “discovered talent” by extension anyone reading this is bound to think that if their study and hard work are not succesful, they must lack talent, a great reason to give up. I’m willing to bet that, if asked, lady gaga would tell you that the magic ingredient is not to give up and keep working on it. When a child grows up bilingual we attribute the language skill to their circumstances not some magical gift. No question she is talented and no question there are different outcomes for different people taking the same path, but don’t diminish what price lady Gaga had to pay for her succes.

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