Keeping a Journal

Keeping a Journal

by Christopher TJ Brown
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At first, keeping a journal doesn’t sound very cool. It conjures up clichéd images of TV journalists or of diaries with scented pages. However, there are actually lots of benefits to keeping a journal, especially during the exciting time after high school when the world is open to be explored.

Life can get stressful, especially as you take on more responsibilities and challenges as you get older. Sometimes going to school, maintaining a social life or working can clutter up the mind with worries. Keeping a journal is like a kind of private therapy; you can write down your fears, hopes, dreams, frustrations and the troubles of daily life without any fear of judgment. Many people find that writing their thoughts down in a journal helps to clear the mind, reduces overall stress and helps to maintain an ordered lifestyle.

If you choose to go to college or university, keeping a journal can be really helpful for keeping track of assignments, classes and presentations. In addition to that, this can be the most exciting part of your life and keeping a journal is a great way to preserve your experiences as a young adult for years to come. Furthermore, keeping a regular, up-to-date journal can help keep one’s writing and English skills fresh and ready; a distinct advantage if you find yourself needing to write an essay.

Keeping a journal can be great for creative reasons, too. If you’re a poet, writer or like to draw, a journal can be an excellent place to exercise your creative muscles and write stories, draw pictures or write poems in addition to writing down important daily events.

Writing before bed can be very relaxing, and the importance of a good sleep schedule can’t be stressed enough – especially when entering the workforce or university and college. Doing a bit of writing before bed can help to establish a good routine, a solid sleep schedule and can help cause drowsiness for a good night’s sleep. Writing isn’t just for bedtime though; keeping a journal can be therapeutic at any time of day. It can really help you to sort out your feelings, whether they are anger, sadness, love, happiness or frustration. Seeing your thoughts put down on paper (or on a computer, it’s up to you) can help to put things in a different perspective or show things from a different angle which can really help with problem solving.

Whatever your age, occupation, or education, writing a journal is an awesome way to keep your thoughts in order, deal with personal problems, relax and chronicle the highs and lows of your life.

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