Renewable Energy – A Trade for the...

Renewable Energy – A Trade for the Future

by Kimberly Moreau
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Are you seeking a future-centric career? Looking to make a difference in the world? Want to join an industry destined to flourish significantly within your lifetime?

With a growing awareness of the negative impacts humans have had on the environment, the increasing concern of environmental problems such as global warming, and the fight to preserve and find alternative ways to sustain the environment and human life, the renewable energy sector provides many opportunities for a rewarding career.

As more alternative energy options are unveiled, more positions within the renewable energy sector are becoming available. Perhaps you’ll be the person responsible for energy audits, a technician working on solar panels, a designer of wind farms, or working to promote more sustainable building practices. The opportunities are endless and will continue to grow thanks to government initiatives to improve energy practices.

In 2009, Ontario introduced a Green Energy Act, which was committed to promoting and supporting green energy projects and supporting energy efficiency province-wide, joining in a worldwide initiative to move toward renewable practices.

The Ministry of Energy has also introduced many incentive programs, including tax rebates, to encourage Canadians to make energy updated to their homes. This could include installing solar panels or wind turbines, geothermal heating or cooling, and more.

As the renewable energy sector grows, more programs are being offered at post secondary institutions throughout the province and country. Programs are for energy technicians, renewable energy technicians, sustainable building construction, sustainable agriculture, wind turbine technicians and more.

If you’re looking to explore a rewarding career with opportunities for further growth, development and innovation, then a renewable energy career is perfect for you.

Depending on the type of renewable energy career you’re interested in pursuing, there are apprenticeship, diploma, and degree opportunities available to suit your wants and needs. The opportunities are endless.

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