Career Profile: Telephone Repair...

Career Profile: Telephone Repair Technician

by Susan Huebert
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Learning to use something that is constantly changing can be a challenge. Have you ever learned to use a new phone, only to have the technology change as soon as you learned it? Telephone repair technicians often face that challenge. Their work is changing all the time and they constantly have to learn new methods to keep up with the new technology. For people who like technology and enjoy working with their hands, however, working as a telephone repair technician can be a good and fulfilling career.

Telephones, especially these days, have a lot of technology in them. Cell phones can be especially difficult to fix, but even the older styles of phones can have a lot of small parts and tricky connections. Telephone repair technician have to be good with their hands and to be able to work with very small objects without dropping or breaking them. They also need to understand the technology to be able to fix the problems. They have to know how traditional landlines work and also have an idea of how signals connect with cell phones so that people can talk with each other.

Some telephone repair technicians learn about their work from experience or from other people on the job. Sometimes, a high school diploma and a few years of experience can be enough for telephone repair technicians to get good jobs. However, many employers now want technicians to have professional certification, which involves learning about the different parts of the job and then passing a special test.

Another way for telephone repair technicians to get to know their jobs is through apprenticeships. This way, they get to see first-hand how to work with telephone equipment and with the wires that connect home phones to the outside lines. Many telephone technicians also work with installing phones and also cable television or even satellite equipment. They might also need to know about how fax machines, pagers, and other pieces of equipment work.

Working conditions for telephone repair technicians can sometimes be difficult. Often, they have to work outside, repairing phone lines that have been brought down by storms or icy weather. They might have to climb high on telephone poles to work with wires that could give them electric shocks if they move them the wrong way. The need for repairs can come at any time, and technicians often have to work days, evenings and weekends. However, the pay is generally higher than for similar jobs, and some workers can make $25 per hour.

Being a telephone repair technician can be a good job for people who enjoy the challenge of dealing with equipment.  Does it sound like something you want to do?

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