Dream Job: Voice-Over Artist

Dream Job: Voice-Over Artist

by Patrick Start
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Ever wonder who does those silly voices for cartoons like The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers? Voice-over artists. These behind the scene artists spend hours perfecting their craft. They may have one character or multiple characters to voice, from cartoons to computer games to voice prompts. Voices over artists are quite present behind the scenes.

Now, don’t let the simplicity of vocalizing into a microphone fool you. Voice-over acting requires great effort and perseverance. As veteran voice over artist Sarah Krieger puts it, “You have to be able to get a point across, relate a feeling, and nail it the first time. It’s being able to act on a mic.” Regardless of how distinct your voice is, you still need to provide a demo tape and find a talent agent much like an actor or singer would. Don’t be discouraged, because voice-over acting is a promising career if sought with enough passion and diligence.

Voice-over artists are employed in a variety of fields, from TV and radio commercials to cartoons. They are expected to read scripts with a clear and concise tone and deliver multiple types of vocal tones to convey messages to their audience. They may even have to read multiple scripts at once and multi-task in a variety of ways.

If you enjoy reading and acting, this might be the career for you. It is a challenging start with promising rewards. On average, the entry-level voice over artist makes between $20-30 an hour.

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