Why Do Employers Hire Recent Grads?

Why Do Employers Hire Recent Grads?

by Amanda Desouza
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Often one of the most frustrating things for high school and university/college students is finding a job. We fill out so many applications and go for so many interviews but sometimes we still don’t get a call back. You may be racking your brain wondering if you could have done something better, if you bombed the interview, or if the interviewer didn’t like you. However, one of the reasons you may not be getting called back may have nothing to do with any of these reasons and more to do with the stage of education you are in. It is a well-known fact that employers often prefer hiring recent graduates.  There are a number of reasons why they do this. When you are searching for jobs you may see the term “entry level.” This means that an employer is looking for someone who has completed a program and is trying to enter the job market.

Although having an academic background is a great thing to have under your belt, employers sometimes view students as having a very busy schedule. Between homework, assignments and exams, students may have to take time off work in order to balance their busy academic schedules. If employers feel like they can’t rely on you or that you don’t have a flexible schedule for them to work with, they may not hire you. Employers often want to hire people with open availability rather than limited availability. Also important to note is that employers sometimes want to wait until these students are no longer students and have completed their programs before hiring them. This could be because they will have less of an academic responsibility and can therefore work more hours.

Another reason employers like hiring recent grads is because they have developed a skill set through their academic programs. They learn skills and gain knowledge that will help them become better employees. Through school, students learn how to manage their time and become more responsible. They also become better communicators both in written and oral forms. They also won’t have to spend as much time training you because you will have gained a lot of skills and knowledge about that particular field from your program. These are all things that employers look for and want in ideal candidates.

This does not mean that someone who hasn’t graduated yet has a zero chance of being hired. What it means is that graduates tend to have a better chance because they have completed their education and employers appreciate that. They like to see that you have taken initiative to further your education and expand your skill set. So be patient and instead of getting frustrated try to understand why employers may hire recent grads.

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