What Does it Mean to Grow Out of...

What Does it Mean to Grow Out of Something?

by Kathleen Gerry
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As you grow up you may find that things that were previously interesting are no longer interesting to you, or that things that were previously uninteresting are now interesting. When you are at school, at home, in extracurricular activities or hanging out with your friends, there will be things that you may prefer to do at certain times and not at other times. This is normal.

For example, at school you may find that your favourite subject is math when you are in grade 3 and then you may find that you prefer English when you are in grade 6. At home you may prefer to read books in grade 3, but then in grade 6 you may prefer to watch television. In extracurricular activities, perhaps you enjoyed playing the flute when you were in grade 3 but now you prefer playing the guitar in grade 6. In volunteer activities, you might have enjoyed working at your school’s bake sale and now you prefer volunteering for the Meals on Wheels charity. At your sporting activities you may have found basketball to be the best sport to showcase your athletic skills, but now you prefer playing soccer because you like to be outside. Our friends change, too! You may have had a certain group of friends when you were in grade 3 and then you changed groups or lost or gained a few friends over the three year period.

Sometimes changes can be the result of learning new information that disallows going back to the former way of seeing things. Change can be scary because we are adapting to new circumstances and experiencing new and different things. This can be good if we learn to have a positive perspective on the change and we decide that we are going to approach the change with a can-do attitude. Sometimes there are so many new things that we are doing that we may find ourselves starting to feel negative because we are feeling that the challenge is too difficult. In these situations, it is best to find things that remind us of what we have done in the past in order to find a balance between the new and old.

Growing up and growing out of things is normal – we all go through it.  Remember that the past is always there and you are building your future. Have fun with it!

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