Why Canada Needs More STEM Students

Why Canada Needs More STEM Students

by Christopher TJ Brown
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As a wealthy, diverse and constantly growing nation, Canada needs students and workers going into the valuable fields of engineering, technology, science and mathematics. While these can be some of the most challenging career paths, they can also be some of the most rewarding. The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

There are many other subcategories within the STEM fields like biology, geology, psychology, robotic engineering, aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, software design, computer hardware design, anthropology, sociology and a whole lot more! STEM fields are the backbone of society and new students are always needed to design, improve, innovate and create.

Graduates of STEM programs are extremely valuable to Canada and make great contributions to the Canadian economy and culture. The achievements of Canadians in STEM fields are known worldwide and it’s up to the next generation of students to continue that legacy of greatness. Engineers are responsible for buildings and structures and are required for just about any major project, from bridges to houses to high rise condominiums. Scientists and mathematicians are needed for a huge variety of jobs, from biologists and chemists to the robotics experts that created the world famous Canadarm or some of our leading bio medical doctors and researchers.

STEM graduates are needed in almost every field, be it politics, conservation, law enforcement, architecture or military. Former STEM graduates create and plan the roads we drive on, the planes in the sky, the computer programs we use, and they even helped to design your home or school. This wide variety of STEM-based careers is integral to the functioning of society. Simply put, if there were no more STEM students the world would be a much more chaotic place to live!

Not only do STEM graduates benefit their country, they also benefit themselves. They can open the doors to a wide variety of jobs and careers that put your intellect and creativity to the test as well as paying out steady incomes. Unfortunately, Canada currently isn’t producing as many STEM students as it once did, according to data from the Conference Board of Canada’s website.

Now more than ever, Canada needs students to step up and study STEM programs and career paths. Take a look at STEM today!

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