Be Internet Smart

Be Internet Smart

by Patrick Start
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The internet plays a vital role in most of our lives. We use it to communicate with one another, research and educate ourselves and create things. But the dangers of the internet are always there and carelessness and misuse of it can result in some serious consequences.

We have all heard of computer viruses. They aren’t limited to harming just a single computer, they can attack multiple computers within seconds. Viruses are used to spy on random targets and collect confidential information such as bank or credit card information. It is important to make sure your computer has its firewall set up as well as anti-virus. Before playing on the Internet, ask your parents or a teacher if the computer you are using is protected. Also be aware of deceiving ads that often unknowingly install software on your computer to steal personal information.

As the Internet offers an array of entertaining activities, such as movies, television and games, it can be very addictive. It may sound funny, but there is a medical condition known as IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder). Symptoms may include excessive or compulsive use of websites used for social media and online purchasing.  It is a good idea to take consistent breaks from the internet every so often.

We know the Internet is a great place to interact. You meet people through chat rooms and games. However, it can be very dangerous as we cannot always put a face behind the person on the other side. Individuals may become victims of cyberbullying or may be coerced into sending photos or sharing personal information. So be aware of who you are chatting with and only chat with people you personally know, such as classmates and your friends, on a safer platform like Skype. And NEVER go into random Internet chat rooms.

Although the Internet offers a variety of activities, it also poses a major threat in many ways. Always be cautious of viruses, personal usage and potential predators online. Be safe and have fun.

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