Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

by Jack Blare
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All throughout school you’ve probably heard time and time again about thinking about your future. Looming college applications and career aptitude tests pressure you into worrying about your future career or post secondary education long before you actually need to. Of course, while it is important to consider these things, you should also take some time and enjoy your youth. These can be some of the best times of your life so don’t stress yourself worrying too much about the future. You still have plenty of time to grow up and deal with these things as they come upon you.

As a student and young person, you’re under a lot of pressure from a bunch of people; your parents pressure you to behave, your school pressures you to achieve good grades, your friends pressure you to hang out, and (if you have a part-time job) you have to work, go to school, and maintain a social life – all of which can be quite stressful.

 While it is important to consider the desires and opinions of those around you, ultimately you should try to do what makes you the happiest and leaves you feeling the most fulfilled. Youth is a time of exploration, of making mistakes and learning from them. When you get older you’re suddenly obliged to deal with a bunch of adult responsibilities, such buying your own groceries, paying your taxes and hydro bill, working a steady job and paying for a house or apartment.

When you’re still young, you have plenty of time ahead of you that are without major responsibilities. Youth is a time for having adventures, trying new things, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. So don’t try and grow up too fast – you’ve got decades to be an adult but only a few years to be young and free of adult responsibilities. Take this time to explore your boundaries, learn new things and find out who you are as a person.

The bonds of friendship that you make when you’re young are strong and lasting, and you’ll often find that some of the people you meet in elementary school, middle school or high school will remain some of your closest friends. Grades are important, but so is having a good and balanced social life. It is no fun to have straight A’s if you don’t get the time to see your friends, relax and pursue your hobbies.

The key to happiness is keeping a well balanced life. By all means spend time studying or working a part-time job, but remember to leave yourself some free time for socializing and just plain having fun. You want to enjoy your youth, not spend most of it stressed out over assignments and jobs. Do what feels right for you and DO take other people’s opinions into consideration, but always remember that it is your life and in the end it is up to you to decide what to do with it. So spend some time having fun and don’t grow up too soon!

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