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Support Services Available at Post-Secondary

by Transition Resource Guide
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Each post-secondary school will have a range of services to support students with disabilities and the wider student population. These services provide an excellent source of support for students (and are often underused). Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these resources, and a description of services that may be provided at post-secondary school is given below.

Disability Advisors at each school review the documentation of students with disabilities and determine which accommodations each student needs. Types of accommodations may include:

  • Extended time on exams
  • No more than one exam per day
  • Access to a computer or spell check on exams
  • Note-taker in class
  • Sign language interpreter
  • Alternate format material (ex. Braille)

It is important to remember that the laws that regulate accommodations at college and university are different than those for high school. Many post-secondary institutions require more specific and comprehensive documentation to show proof of a disability than is required in high school (especially for ADHD and learning disabilities). Incoming students will not automatically receive the same accommodations at college or university that they received at high school. To discuss available accommodations, students should contact their post-secondary school directly.

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