Making the Most of February

Making the Most of February

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February is traditionally the month of Valentine’s Day – filled with chocolates, cards and candy. It’s also the month of Family Day (or whatever incarnation your province has). Take advantage of this day off to spend time with your family and friends, relaxing and celebrating before you start to buckle down and prepare for exams and final papers.

Indeed, no matter if you’re in junior high, high school or college, at some point in the next few months you will be studying for exams and trying to keep up with your homework. This month, we have study tips and tricks to help you through this challenging period. We’ve also found some great online resources to help you with studying English that will come in handy (especially if you’re behind on your readings).

Our Community Living page is in full swing, boasting information on the transition from high school to university and scholarships and bursaries that are just for students with learning disabilities. As always, we’ve rounded up even more scholarships for students on our Scholarship page. Don’t forget to take the time out to apply for a few of these – the extra money to pay for your education will REALLY come in handy!

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Have a happy February!

Jasmin Bollman

Content Editor

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