Why Do I Have to Take Social Studies?

Why Do I Have to Take Social Studies?

by Carly Wignes
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Why do cars in Canada drive on the right side of the road while cars in England drive on the left? Why does Canada have a Prime Minister while the United States has a President? Why does an ice cream at one shop in my neighbourhood cost more money than the same ice cream at another shop? All the answers to these questions can be found when you learn about social studies.

Social studies is made up of many different topics like history, politics, geography and economics. While these courses are taught in high school and university, students learn the very important basics of social studies in elementary school.

A “society” is a community of people who live in the same geographical area and share the same cultural customs and laws. Because a society is made up of families, students of social studies first learn about how the family works within a community.

Families are like mini societies because they are made up of people who live in the same place and share the same traditions and rules. Family members learn to work together as a team. By sharing and caring for each other, family members can more easily achieve their goals. In the same way, members of a society must learn to cooperate and understand each other so that the society’s goals can be achieved. In a very diverse society like Canada, it is important to learn about the people who live in your community so that you can learn how to get along. Students of social studies thus learn how to appreciate diversity within their communities and around the world.

As students learn how to cooperate with others, they also learn how to be involved in their communities. They learn about the different ways that decisions are made by community leaders and they learn about what they can do to impact these decisions. For example, in social studies, students learn about why it is important to vote. They learn about how governments work and what politicians do. They also learn how to make decisions that will help to influence society the way they think would be best.

Topics taught in social studies show how humans can achieve more when they work together. Students who learn the subject can actually learn how they can make the world a better place.

In that way, social studies might just be the most important subject of all!

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