Last Minute Summer Jobs

Last Minute Summer Jobs

by Maria Cruz
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Ah, the blessed time of year when every student scrambles to find a job for the summer. McDonald’s, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, and that little burrito place down the street all seem to be hiring. And you send in a resume with a copy letter about why retail is your life and hope for an interview. But one doesn’t come.

In January I decided to quit the job I had for six years at Rexall. I figured that I would have more time to focus on school and I would have months until the summer rush hit to find another job. But, after applying to over 170 places in one month, I was still unemployed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Applying to a place like McDonald’s or a clothing store will be your best bet. Yeah, not so much. Why? Because about 200 other applicants had the same idea and chances are the opportunity went to them.

The good news is that despite the soul-crushing pain of not being able to afford basic things like food, there is a grace in internships and job-hunting. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that there are a ton of places people don’t think to go to because they either figure it’s a lost cause or that they’re not hiring. Just because you don’t see a huge billboard outside their office doesn’t mean they’re not looking for people.

It takes a little more than going on indeed.ca to find a job nowadays. In order to score a job somewhere you need to assert yourself; getting the job you want, or any job in the summer, takes a little finesse and dedication.

One of the biggest things I think students need to hear for job application is to go out and look for it. They’re probably hiring and the only way you’re going to know is if you ask. Go in person if they’re close or visit individual websites for job opportunities.

Follow up with your interviewers. Tell them that it was nice speaking with them and you hope to hear from them soon. Send them good thoughts even if you don’t get it. Make them remember you and show them that you’re not just another student looking for a temporary job. If you only send a resume via email without any references or cover letters, you fall into the crowd.

A few good resources to check out for summer jobs, especially for students are listed below. Remember to make yourself stand out and give yourself some credit. You deserve that job!





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