Energy Conservation; How it can affect...

Energy Conservation; How it can affect our pockets, and our Planet.

by Isabella Thorsen
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During winter, what happens? We stay inside because it is cold. What do we do while we are inside? We watch TV and ‘serf’ the internet. We don’t do much else, just relax and stay warm inside. While we crank up the heat and keep the Wi-Fi going; the bills get higher. Our consistent inside activities seem to really put a dent in our pockets.

So when summer comes barreling around, it’s time to leave the house and soak up all the vitamin D you can. That’s also the time to either crank up the air conditioner; veg-out on the couch with an ice-cream or watch Netflix for so long that the days and nights blur together. Seems like a good time, binge watching seasons of your favourite shows and re-watching your favourite movies. Not only will you get the luxury of watching Netflix’s finest, but you will also keep dishing money out for your bills, losing all your hard earned cash.

So instead of being a loner and keeping the lovely air conditioning on consistently, why not go swimming? Or camping, hiking, boating with your friends. Do something you have never done before, something you have always wanted to do. Go to a museum, art gallery, farmers market! Get out of the house and have fun in the sun! Now, saying that doesn’t mean you have to do something large. You can create change by shutting your lights off when leaving the house; instead of using a dryer you can hang your clothes outside; carpooling or even walking to your destination (if it is a reasonable distance).

Now, not only should we try to conserve energy on our own, but the Trades industries have also started trying to conserve energy. Since the economy has started falling due to our focus and dependence on oil, we have started trying to create jobs that help reverse the effects of environmental damage, leading to climate change. Since the oil industry causes such vast pollution problems, it is time we start switching our focus. As new technologies are created and processed, skilled trades are targeted to help create jobs and careers to create a sustainable resources; careers in manufacturing, construction and operation, as well as maintenance of projects in wind turbine farms and solar panel installation.

So, while you are enjoying the summer, remember that it is also a time to help the planet- We can all help the planet together.

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