Addictions: Everyone and Everything

Addictions: Everyone and Everything

by Isabella Thorsen
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News and stories on addiction seem to be everywhere, on T.V, in the paper/magazines and in books- even you may have an addiction to something. Overall, addictive behaviour in humans is common, no matter what the medium. Now, an addiction can be bad or really bad, since having too much of one thing is never healthy. Most people do not even realize they have and addiction to something because they may not want to realize they are addicted to something. It is sometimes difficult for someone to admit they are addicted to something. This takes time and support from others in order for the person to realize how bad their addiction really is.

When we hear about someone being addicted to something, 9 times out of 10 we assume the addiction is to drugs; cocaine, prescription drugs, heroin, etc. However, the addiction does not always need to be a drug in that instance. You can be addicted to anything; video games, TV, candy, even people. A person can become addicted to caffeine or painkillers that you buy over the counter just as easily, and can be hidden from others, also. So when you watch My Strange Addiction, the people on that show really do not have an abnormal addiction; they are just like the rest of us. Although eating chalk is not necessarily like a shopping addict, we all have something that we cannot stop doing. We just generally call people addicts when they are addicted to something that could seriously harm them or ruin their health for the long run, or possibly kill them.

Drugs like PCP (Phencyclidine), Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine (Meth), are generally what a person will think of when you picture a drug addict; these are some of the most chemically addictive drugs in the world. You don’t tend to picture someone drinking coffee or playing video games all day and all night. Some serious general effects of addiction to drugs can be brain damage, liver damage, and damage to your nervous system, heart problems, depression, memory loss, anxiety/paranoia, and many more. A most prominent and terrifying side effect can be death- scary, no? If you know someone suffering from a drug addiction or otherwise, encourage them to get help. It is our job as friends, family and neighbours, to stand beside those in need. However, you can only do so much to help people, sometimes. Just let them know you love them, and check up on them regularly. If you feel like you are having trouble with an addiction, it is never too late to stop.





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