August : The Last Month of Summer

August : The Last Month of Summer

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Hello Everyone!

We are now into August; the last month of summer before school. As you enjoy and relish your last summer activities and events, you should also be thinking about your return to school. A great way to get your mind geared up for the new school year, is to write out your goals. They can be academic, extracurricular, or financial.

In our Jobs People Do August issue, you will find many articles to help get your mind “re-occupied” with things like scholarships, trade career options and your mental health. Some other articles this month discuss trade job shadowing, starting your own business in high school, different ways we learn and dealing with gossip at school.

So, let your mind body and soul soak up the last days of summer with some great reads and useful information from Jobs People Do; we’ll see you again in September!


Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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