Environmental Groups Across Canada

Environmental Groups Across Canada

by Meghan Brown
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Do you want to get involved with environmentalism in your community? There is a good chance that there is an organization in your town, city, or region where you can learn about environmentalism, attend events and fundraisers, or volunteer your own time and effort. Below is a sample of some of the options available for both independent organizations, and regional or provincial eco-networks that can help you locate smaller groups in your area.

West Coast

  • Living Oceans Society

British Columbia

They strive to protect Canada’s oceans through sustainability management of sea life and coastal communities.


  •  Ancient Forest Alliance

British Columbia

This group aims to protect Canada’s old growth forest, while making sure that employment in the forestry industry remains sustainable.



  •  Nature Alberta


A network of groups and clubs dedicated to enjoying, studying, and preserving Alberta’s wildlife.


  •  Friends of Banff National Park Fellowship


The Fellowship offers educational opportunities, and appreciation of Banff’s natural and cultural heritage.


  •  Green Action Centre


Through home, work, school, and city education programs, they promote sustainable green living through resource conservation, and help develop and advocate environmental policy.


  •  The Manitoba Eco-Network


An affiliate of the Canadian Environmental Network, they link more than fifty smaller environmental groups throughout the province.


Central Canada

  •  Toronto Environmental Alliance


An activist group engaged in supporting environmental issues in Toronto and the surrounding area.


  •  Ontario Parks Association


Dedicated to enhancing, protecting, and educating about parks and other outdoor spaces.


  •  Les Cercles des jeunes naturalists (CJN)


CJN is a group who aim to inspire youth to increase interest in nature and the natural sciences.

  •  Four Green Steps


Operating online, they offer educational information and curriculum materials on green living, corporate responsibility, and sustainability.

  •  The Rivers Foundation/Fondation Rivières


Dedicated to raising public awareness about preserving rivers and waterways against pollution, privatization, and electric dam projects.

East Coast

  •  Petitcodiac Riverkeeper

New Brunswick

Leading efforts to restore, protect, and promote the watershed regions in New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy.


  •  East Coast Trail Association


Dedicated to the development, operation, and maintenance of the East Coast Trail.


  • The Clean Nova Scotia Foundation

Nova Scotia

Encouraging communities to foster consideration, respect, and protection of the environment.

The New Brunswick Environmental Network

Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Network

Networks linking together multiple smaller organizations, to aid their communication and cooperation.

Far North

  •  Yukon Conservation Society

They perform research, advocacy, and educational tasks about environmental issues facing the Yukon.

  •  Nunavut Wildlife Management Board

Their mission is to respect and preserve Inuit hunting and harvesting rights and priorities, while conserving wildlife and wild habitats of the far north.

Across Canada

  • The David Suzuki Foundation

Operating across Canada, they are an environmental science-based organization dedicated to protecting and balancing the needs of humans with the diversity of the natural world.

  • The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition

Made up of a variety of youth environmental and other advocacy groups across the country, they aim to present and educate climate change as an issue facing society both locally, and globally.


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