Scholarships: It’s Not Just About...

Scholarships: It’s Not Just About Academics Anymore

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Today’s tuition fees are higher than ever. Many students and parents alike scramble for ways to fund college and/or university education. While student loans are available throughout the country, the debt amount that students have to face after graduation is staggering. According to the Canadian Press, the current national average for student debt is $22,300.

For this reason, if you are an aspiring college and/or university student, it is worthwhile to look into other resources as well, in order to avoid facing such enormous debt upon your graduation. One of the most popular ways to do that is to acquire scholarships. While it is very rare that scholarships will fund your entire school degree, they serve as a big help. In some cases, with a scholarship, you will only have to borrow the minimum amount of college/university loan, avoiding large debt in return.

In days past, however, scholarships were mostly based on one’s academic performance. These days, there are a variety of ways to obtain a scholarship, and one doesn’t necessarily have to have straight As. This is definitely good news for those who excel in one particular subject but struggle with other subjects as everyone has their own learning abilities.

For instance, a student who excels in the Arts may not always be good in Math or Science, while a student who has a flair for words may not be as learned in Physics or Algebra. With this scholarship awarding system in place, everyone who needs financial help for their education has a number of chances to get what they need.

A look at other ways to earn scholarships:

Essay Writing Contests

Are you a wordsmith? If you are, try your hand at essay writing contests with organizations like the Fraser Institute that offer scholarships as the top prize, or at least cash prize that you can use for your schooling.


 Those who excel in the Arts can look into scholarships and bursaries specifically for studying art-related courses and majors. For instance, the Arts Access Fund offers scholarships in visual art, drama, music, dance, and filmmaking.

Company-Sponsored Scholarships

Ask your parents if their respective employers offer scholarships to employees with college- or university-bound kids. Some well-known companies like Canadian Tire, Coca-Cola Canada, and PepsiCo Beverages Canada do offer help for employees who are sending kids off to college or university.

Non-Profit Organizations

 There are tons of charities in Canada, and once in a while, some of them would offer deserving students a shot at winning a scholarship. Use your research skills and you will find some non-profit organizations which hold a fundraising event or campaign that will benefit students in need like you.

Community Centers

 Some community centers may have partnerships with other organizations or sometimes the educational institutions themselves and offer scholarships for students in need. It doesn’t hurt to ask your community centre about this.

Now that you know about these options, good luck in your search!










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