Career Profile: Concrete Pumping

Career Profile: Concrete Pumping

by Patrick Start
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Concrete pumping; what is it? You may have seen those cement trucks dumping cement into trenches and sidewalks. The concrete pump serves a similar purpose, but it is used for more complex situations, such as getting the concrete to the roof of a high rise building.[1] Individuals who operate the pumps are tradesmen.

Individuals who wish to get into this trade can do so by attending various concrete and stone mason programs. Some are offered by colleges. Conestoga offers a Brick and Stone mason program.[2] These trades are closely related and are both relevant to one another.

The industry is in high demand for concrete pumpers as structures are always being built and will eventually need repair and occasional maintenance.

In Ontario the Operating Engineers Institute Ontario offers a concrete operator apprenticeship. Applicants should have a high school diploma and a DZ driver’s license as heavy equipment and trucks are used on a day to day basis.[3] Wages usually start at $19.00 per hour. There are a lot of vacancies for concrete pumping jobs.

Placements are outdoors in all conditions. Conditions are often rugged with loud noise and a lot of dust. Be expected to problem solve on a daily basis and coordinate movements of objects and people.[4]

Local 793, the International Union of Operating Engineers looks after heavy equipment operators which include concrete pump operators. They offer benefits as well as on the job protection.

If you enjoy working with your hands, operating heavy equipment and working in rugged conditions, then this job is for you. It is physically and financially rewarding. Inquire about apprenticeships near you!


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