Fitness in University

Fitness in University

by Maria Cruz
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Working out in university is almost as believable as the Loch Ness Monster to some people, and with good reason. You spend the majority of the day in a chair or napping in the library because whoever says they prefer hopping on the treadmill over a nap is lying. But there are those moments you’re running late to class and turn into Usain Bolt to get there on time. Aside from that, there’s not a lot of movement happening.

However, it’s not impossible to get moving. Among the homework and studying there is time to squeeze in exercises here and there in addition to eating healthier.

Apps are going to be a close friend of yours during university. Ones like MyFitnessPal and N+TC Nike Training App would be the places to start. MyFitnessPal takes your measurements and goals and breaks down the day for you. You plug in what you’re eating into their search engine – and finding what you’re looking for won’t be difficult because they have millions of options – and the app gives you a breakdown of calories, sodium, fat, and other nutrients. It’s a good kick in the butt to keep your food on track so you can have your intake right in front of you.

Also, if you’re someone who can burn water (like me), the app has constant posts about at- quick recipes, which is something you can use to your advantage. Let’s face it. No one wants to constantly stock up on Pizza Pizza or Starbucks cookies.

Nike on the other hand will actually kick your butt. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes the app offers training from some world class athletes and celebrities like Alex Hipwell, Kirsty Godso, Marie Purvis, and Christen Press. It’s hard not to make time for these things when some of these workouts are literally six minutes.

The app offers other incredible features as well, including different workouts depending on the kind of athlete you identify as. It shows you how to do the workouts in little sample videos, offering you a chance to set up a schedule and stick to it for maximum results. It also tells you the amount of calories you’ll burn and gives you Nike Fuel and trophies the more you work out.

Studentrecipes.com is another great tool. This blog provides recipes for those of us still in school and includes ratings next to them so you can pick and choose which ones you like. There are also categories for what you’d like to cook with that you can scroll through.

One of the biggest things I want to tell you, is to not put yourself down.. Don’t start to make yourself feel bad by swearing off things you love. You’re doing this to be healthy and feel better, not to make yourself feel like garbage along the way. Having a piece of cake isn’t going to kill you and neither will a 15 minute workout with some great athletes- get busy!

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