What is Fundraising?

What is Fundraising?

by Patrick Start
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Fundraising is common in our society, but there can never be enough. It can include school events to multi-million dollar corporations advocating for causes such as poverty and homelessness. Although it often goes unnoticed, fundraising has many benefits to both the fundraisers and the beneficiaries. The act of giving, and the accomplishment of a desired goal play important roles in youth development; fundraising develops many skills, and enhances your sense of responsibility and awareness.[1]

The main goal of a fundraiser is to generate profit in order to support certain events and causes. Fundraisers in schools can be for purchasing sporting equipment, hosting monthly book fairs, pizza parties, clubs and more. Sometimes they can be created in order to raise money for organizations like Kids Help Phone or the Terry Fox Foundation. All of these events produce positive results such as initiating social activities for the children and overall, creating a more amicable environment for the students, giving all an equal chance.[2]

There are different ways to fundraise. Many schools host bake sales and barbeques. Parents and students bake goods and sell them to the public; the proceeds from the bake sale can go to various causes such as sports equipment and field trips for the school. Concerts are also very popular and can be hosted by schools, corporations or local businesses. This is a great way to give exposure to up and coming musicians as well as raising money for a good cause. Fundraising helps promote synergy as individuals will be working hand in hand to support a common goal.

Strathona Composite High school, in Alberta set a world record by raising more than $360,000; more than any high school has raised in the country. They have coordinated fundraising events from HIV awareness to educating the public on water sanitation. The school has a leadership program that supports students’ academic growth.  Program coordinator Tom Younge believes the program will expose students to real life problems like stress and emotional management as well as time management, helping develop members of the program to reliable and responsible students.[3]

Fundraising comes with a lot of valuable real life tasks. The strategic planning of the fundraiser and the management of the staff and individuals involved, pose a challenge to fundraisers, but there are great rewards in the end. Fundraising is a great way to meet people with common interests and passions- go out and raise some money!


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