Published on September 22nd, 2015

Career Profile: Micro-Electronics Manufacturer

September 22nd, 2015; By Susan Huebert

Imagine working with something so small that you can barely see it. How would you ever manage to do anything with it? Micro-electronics manufacturers work with equipment to produce very […]

Career Profile: Computer Technician

September 22nd, 2015; By Patrick Start

Today, society has become more dependent on technology than ever. Computers like desktop PCs and laptops play an essential role in our daily lives, from communicating with e-mail to reading […]

Career Profile: Makeup Artist

September 22nd, 2015; By Patrick Start

Makeup artists; what do they do? Generally, they cater to esthetic needs by doing people’s makeup and hair. Their clientele can vary from brides to working on models for fashion […]

How to Be Inclusive of Others

September 22nd, 2015; By Teodora Pasca

We live in a world full of people of different genders, cultures, religions and economic backgrounds. Because of this, we all have a responsibility to make sure that any individual, […]

How to Pack Healthy Lunches for School

September 22nd, 2015; By Jamie Hadland

Getting to school and discovering you have a ham and cheese sandwich and an apple, yet again, can get tiring after the first few weeks. Change is good; especially when […]

What are Taxes?

September 22nd, 2015; By Jamie Hadland

Taxes are collected by the government so they can provide programs and services to people every day. Everyone in Canada is required to pay taxes in some way. It may […]

Getting Distracted in School

September 22nd, 2015; By Jamie Hadland

Distractions are everywhere. Even as I sit here and write this I can hear music blaring in the background, people talking at the table beside me, phones ringing and buzzing […]