Career Profile: Computer Technician

Career Profile: Computer Technician

by Patrick Start
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Today, society has become more dependent on technology than ever. Computers like desktop PCs and laptops play an essential role in our daily lives, from communicating with e-mail to reading the news feeds and self-advertising through social media networks. All of these require a computer of some sort. Computer technicians are capable of building, repairing and maintaining all of these systems.

Typically, computer technicians work in an office environment, but can also have the privilege of working at home. Their duties range from repairing computers by means of adding new components to a system, or repair internal errors. They can work on the road and take service calls on a regular basis. Their area of expertise expands beyond desktop PCs and laptops. They can work with printers, projectors, tablets cell phones and even maintaining websites.[1]

Colleges, such as Humber offer an extensive computer technician course that includes everything from network security to electrical circuits.[2] Many employers require technicians to have an A+ certification administered by CompTIA. This is a basic certificate that shows you are able work confidently and effectively with computers and their accessories. The certification can be any many local colleges; most offer a prep course prior to taking the actual exam.[3]

Cisco, a leading manufacturer in computer networking equipment has a certification process. These courses educate users on how to install and maintain their equipment and give them general knowledge of networking procedures. Both of these certifications make a great asset for potential employees looking to get into the computer technician field.[4]

Computer technicians must have excellent problem solving skills. Additionally they must be able to communicate effectively with customers. Technicians should be able to detect the root cause and explain to customers how the problem was fixed and how if possible, it can be prevented in the future.[5]

The average salary for a computer technician is approximately $44,724 a year. However, many individuals in this field must obtain contract work for additional income. Some build websites and install networking equipment. Depending on the scale of the company you work for, either corporate or non-corporate, you can make a very decent living.

So if your passion is technology and communications, this is the career path for you!



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