Career Profile: Construction Contractor

Career Profile: Construction Contractor

by Patrick Start
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Construction is one of Canada’s biggest industries; from houses to buildings to the structure of roof you’re under while reading this article; it was built and constructed by a contractor. The term contractor is generally used to describe the person in charge of overseeing the entire project, and one who hires and manages subcontractors, such as framers, electricians and plumbers.

Contractors may be tasked with building a condominium or a small semi-attached home. Each project usually begins with an architect and engineer. From here, once all of the legal and zoning codes have been met, the contractor may start the initial stages of building the structure.

Contractors will have to interpret blueprint readings, estimate costs and work hand in hand with other sub-contractors to make sure the job is done correctly and completed in a timely manner. They are also responsible for coordinating the types and qualities of materials that are to be used for the project. Contractors should pay close attention to subcontractors’ workmanship, too.

Contractors may be self-employed but are usually employed by large construction companies. They may or may not be part of a union. In most cases, in order to be employed by a particular company, they will demand you be a part of a union for insurance purposes. Some contractors and sub contractors are represented by their official provincial association, like the Ontario General Contractors Association, for example. This organization allows member to establish a reputation for themselves and resolve disputes with customers.

The branch of educational fields for contractors is vast. Some may study basic general contracting courses like framing, electrical and plumbing. Others may want to take a deeper plunge into architectural technology or even pursue a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. Contactor’s can make up to $89,000 a year depending on their field of employment.

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