If I Knew Then

If I Knew Then

by Arthur W. Buerk
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Advice on careers, finance, and life from Harvard Business School’s Class of 1963

Each month, JobsPeopleDo will be featuring a special quote from a graduate of the Harvard Business School Class of 1963. The following quotes are insightful and can be used to inspire and encourage the right career path for you…

• Find an industry that gets you excited and a company that places excellence and integrity at the top of their list of core values.

• Identify the areas in which you can truly excel. What you do well is not work — no matter how hard it is and how many hours are required.

• Learn everything you can about your company, its industry, and your job. Understand both the details and the big picture.

• Always be willing to help others, because many will later help you.

• Befriend and work with the best people, because they will make you better.

~Ralph Linsalata~

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